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Working to a 10-day filing deadline, using the fixed asset register and cost experience, the team at Wandsworth analysed expenditure incurred over 11 different office sites.

Before approaching Wandsworth, the client was intending to analyse the cost as one exercise. After taking advice from the Wandsworth team, it was decided that a separate report must be done for each property due to the fact that if the client wanted to dispose of a site, it would be impossible to bring in a disposal value for allowances, potentially resulting in a claw back. Also, we explained the due diligence required to claim SBA’s.

The outcome resulted in Wandsworth identifying a large amount of plant and machinery and, structural building allowances. By taking advantage of the current super deduction and first year allowances rules. Business Cube benefitted from a large cash saving in the year.

“It was so reassuring to know that this exercise had provided the client with a significant saving but also knowing that Wandsworth will go extra over to assist our clients. Wandsworth will be our preferred Capital Allowances advisors for the foreseeable future.” Luke Woodhams, Director, TN6 Accounting

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