Serviced Apartments, London

Serviced Apartments, London

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Our client purchased the freehold interest in this serviced apartment building in 2011 for a consideration of £11,400,000.

The property was converted from offices to high-quality furbished serviced apartments in 2008 and no capital allowances had been claimed on the refurbishment costs or the existing installations at the point of sale.

We identified a total of £2,950,000 of capital allowances that could then be written down year on year against our client’s tax liability to reduce taxable profits.

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Capital Allowances FAQ'S

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What are capital allowances?

Capital allowances are the only means of providing tax relief for capital expenditure incurred by both UK and overseas taxpayers on commercial property. They act as an incentive to invest by saving money for these businesses. They do this by offsetting tax on profits which would otherwise be due by the number of allowances claimed. Capital allowances, therefore, reduce taxable profits for companies, businesses and individuals.

What is the real benefit?

The benefit is simple – we can help reduce your tax liability and therefore you pay a lot less tax. The ‘hidden’ benefit is the peace of mind in knowing that your claim is being prepared by an expert who will produce a detailed report on an open book basis in a technically robust fashion so that you do not have to worry about this part of your tax computation.

How much will it cost me?

Our fees are based on the level of allowances identified and will always be less than the first year tax benefit. If we can’t or won’t save any tax we will not charge you a fee.

Why do they exist?

They act as an incentive for businesses to keep investing in property and other business assets. Capital allowances provide tax relief for capital expenditure on items of plant and machinery. Depreciation of fixed assets is not-allowable and not deducted from taxable profits, so another tax relief is available on this expenditure. Capital allowances were brought in to give relief against tax and help keep the economy healthy.

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