Cellnex approached Wandsworth, and after a detailed due diligence process where we discussed the anticipated level of allowances, cash savings and Wandsworth’s step by step process to reporting, Cellnex appointed Wandsworth to analyse all three projects.

Wandsworth worked with the various project and finance teams to obtain all relevant information including contractors final account, professional fees, breakdowns of all direct purchases and fixed asset ledgers. The team then visited all three projects to survey and get a feel for the project to assess the qualifying plant and machinery before producing a report for each project.

The outcome resulted in Wandsworth identifying £2.7m of plant and machinery and, structural building allowances. By taking advantage of the current super deduction and first year allowances rules, Cellnex benefitted from a cash saving of £495k in year one and a total cash saving in excess of £700k.

“The team at Wandsworth were professional and diligent throughout. Wandsworth gave us the peace of mind that we were working with a team that has our interests throughout the project.” Mark Ransome, Programme Lead, Cellnex

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